Monday, April 10, 2017

Bill Morrissey V3


1)     Intro
2)    The Man from Out of Town – 5/17/01 - Barnstormer Theater/Tamworth, NH
3)     Casey, Illinois – 3/10/07 – Folkstage/Chicago, Ill
4)    Birches – 7/30/94
5)     Letters from Heaven – 7/30/94
6)    So Many Things – 7/30/94
7)     Different Currency – 4/8/00 – Barnstormer Theater/Tamworth, NH
8)    ‘Edson’ Reading – 4/8/00 – Barnstormer Theater/Tamworth, NH
9)    Just Before We Lost the War – 5/17/01 - Barnstormer Theater/Tamworth, NH
10) Buddy Bolden’s Blues – 5/17/01 - Barnstormer Theater/Tamworth, NH
11)  St. Valentine’s Day – 5/17/01 - Barnstormer Theater/Tamworth, NH
12) Traveling By Cab – 5/17/01 - Barnstormer Theater/Tamworth, NH
13) Will You Be My Rose? – 5/17/01 - Barnstormer Theater/Tamworth, NH
14) Boston Eyes – 3/10/07 – Folkstage/Chicago, Ill
15) Holden’s Blues – 2/2/6 – La Pomme d’Eve/Paris
16) By the Grave of Baudelaire – 2/2/6 – La Pomme d’Eve/Paris
17)  Victory at Sea – 3/10/07 – Folkstage/Chicago, Ill

Here is our last grouping of some of the original songs of Bill Morrissey. I talk about my feelings on Bill’s music a bit during the outro on this show so I won’t bore you here, just know that if you’re unfamiliar with this stuff, it is among the finest of any songwriter of any genre anywhere. Buy his albums, there is not a dud in the batch.  Find his book Edson, a beautiful novel about finding your way as you grow older from the perspective of an aging New England singer-songwriter. If you like the imagery painted during his song ‘Small Town on the River’ then you’ll love a novel-length version with plot and characters, just a beautiful story. He was purportedly working on a second. Below you’ll find links to his two main websites and I’ll spare you the many links to some very good articles on his life and death, you can find a host of great links already up on his site. We’ll get to volume 4 in good time, it will feature some of the many great covers Bill has done in various settings over his career. Next time will be a mix show, thanks for listening!

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