Monday, April 10, 2017

Bill Morrissey V2


1)    Intro...
2)    Pantherville 11/8/86
3)    It’s Dangerous Out There 1/16/87
4)    A Married Man 11/8/86
5)    Ice Fishing – 4/8/00 – Barnstormer Theater/Tamworth, NH
6)    Handsome Molly5/17/01 - Barnstormer Theater/Tamworth, NH
7)    Up On the CP Line4/8/00 – Barnstormer Theater/Tamworth, NH
8)    Summer Night 7/30/94
9)    Girls of Santa Fe 7/30/94
10)  The Driver’s Song11/8/86
11)  John Haber 7/30/94
12)  These Cold Fingers 11/8/86
13)  Petticoat Junction11/8/86
14)  Inside 7/30/94
15)  Off White 7/30/94
16)  Long Gone 8/1/92
17)  OUTRO

         Part 2 of our look at the late, great Bill Morrissey's songs and performances samples the songs of his 3rd, 4th & 5th albums called North, Standing Eight & Inside respectively, all exceptional works.  Most are solo acoustic performances save for the Barnstormer Theater tracks which include some of the accompaniment from folks who would go on the form 'The Churchkeys' with Bill for covers shows up north a few years later (which we'll look at later in this series).

-Barnstormer Theater/Tamworth, NH – 4/8/00
Bill Morrissey/guitar, vocals 
Dave Henderson/bass 
Peter Heimlich-guitar, vocals, banjo

-Barnstormer Theater/Tamworth, NH - 5/17/01
Bill Morrissey/guitar, vocals
Cormac McCarthy/harmonica
Dave Henderson/bass 
Peter Heimlich-guitar, vocals, banjo 
Kent Allen
Mark Elbaum

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