Friday, September 2, 2011

S3 - 01 - Bill Morrissey V1


1)     intro
2)     Barstow
3)     Small Town on the River
4)     Darlin’ Lisa
5)     Oil Money
6)     Morrissey Falls in Love at First Sight
7)     Texas Blues
8)     My Baby & Me/first album
9)     The Packard Company
10)  The Problem with Logic/first album
11)   Run You Through the Mill/first album
12)  The Grizzly Bear
13)  Rosie
14)  Amnesia
15)  OUTRO
         Here is the first in a series in tribute to one of my favorite singer-songwriters Bill Morrissey. Bill passed July 23rd in a hotel room in Georgia on his way from a house concert. My first contact with his wit and craft was through a recording of an early 1986 concert of his and his first album on reckless Records, self-titled.  I've read that he wrote a lot of those songs while on various jobs around the country and his stories reflect some of that but on a larger note both songs and stories illuminate a world that would set me dreaming while I lived in a farm house by myself in the snow-covered country above the Blue Mountain range in Pennsylvania. It got to the point were I actually took a winter vacation to new Hampshire not to ski but to drive on back roads. Bill rerecorded that first album after signing to Philo and the success of that third album Standing Eight and although perfect to the ear, I always preferred the pathos on that original vinyl version of the first album.

Today we hear my reconstruction of Bill's first album using cuts from that 1986 live show and filled in with tracks from the out-of-print album. Next time we'll start with his second album North and move on from there.

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